Vandenberg Air Force Base Warehouse Repairs

Vandenberg Air Force Base Warehouse Repairs

Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA (Completed in 2019)

Precision Construction Services was contracted for General Construction Services by a private aerospace client to help restore the building envelope to Building 398 at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  Due to the building’s proximity to the ocean, the salt air had accelerated the deterioration of the building’s siding, doors and other metal components.

Precision was hired to (i) identify the points of water intrusion, (ii) address the water intrusion, (iii) secure and/or replace components of the building that were jeopardizing site safety, (iv) apply a waterproofing membrane, and (v) apply new paint to comply with the architectural standards of the Air Force Base.

The project required replacement of downspouts, gutters, large areas of flat and corrugated metal siding, new weather stripping at multiple doors, and application of the waterproofing membrane and paint over several thousand square feet.

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