General contractors have numerous roles, and potential clients may get different answers about a general contractor’s responsibilities when undergoing the search for one. At Precision Construction Services, we not only orchestrate the project, but we also have a vast team of expert tradesmen to actually complete the physical work. We learned that self-performance execution enables us to ensure efficient and on-budget construction — every time.

Self-performance gives our clients the confidence they need to trust in our services, delivery, and constant communication.


At Precision Construction Services, we firmly believe in delivering a high-quality end product to our clients. But equally important is our ability to exceed expectations as we move through every phase of the project together.

For that reason, we became a self-performing company to provide superior support, management, guidance, and workmanship through every aspect of construction. Note that self-performance is not ideal for every project, but for those clients who need it, the benefits are many.

Saves Valuable Time

Saving Time!

As the old adage states, time is of the essence. With so many moving parts to a construction project of any size, it’s imperative to have a construction team with the know-how to move as fast as possible. Many general contractors rely on subcontractors and are at the mercy to the subcontractors’ know-how, schedule and costs; our team actually understand the specific ins and outs of a build. This has significant advantages, including Insider Knowledge, Competent Scheduling, Backups to Save the Timeline, and Superior Time Management.

We trust our tradesmen completely. With this inside knowledge of our team, and their understanding of our processes and timelines, we spend significantly less time when choosing subcontractors, sifting through numerous bids, or getting a new team up to speed on our expectations.

Downtime wastes money and resources. Since we work with our own crew of tradesmen, we know how to accurately construct timelines to realize the true schedule of a particular crew.

Subcontractors are humans too, and sometimes experience unforeseen circumstances that could derail a project. Our self-performance team can step in at a moment's notice to ensure no gaps in construction.

Since we're all in on a project, it's in our own best interests to ensure timely completion. As a self-performance firm, we can foresee potential complications before they happen and can communicate the impact as soon as possible.

Preserves Budget


Staying on-budget is a priority. We strive to minimize delays and rework. Also, working with a self-performance general contractor means that the industry standard subcontractor mark-up is eliminated. Our knowledge of the entire process ensures strict budget adherence for every line item, including labor costs, design costs, material options and availability, and economic impacts.

We are knowledgeable about the costs of labor for every specialty trade.

Our experience with architects allows us to accurately budget for design and redesign time.

We have access to vast databases with numerous options for materials and we have our finger on the pulse of what may or may not be available at any given time. We can also provide recommendations on the most appropriate and budget-conscious materials to utilize.

Market fluctuations are normal, and we diligently pursue the most comprehensive research to determine how these ups and downs may affect a build.

Instills Quality Control and Safety Measures

The time it takes to cultivate an accomplished team pays off for our clients. Each of our trade partners are committed to working within our quality guidelines. Our collaborative environment encourages open communication as we work through a build, so there are never any surprises about a project status. We have a deep lineup of tradesmen with significant experience in:

To earn a spot on our self-performance team, our tradesmen have earned our trust and praise for their incredible work. Not only do these teams work well with us — they also work well with each other, leading to enhanced teamwork, collaboration, and communication between themselves to assure an efficient and superior job.

This collaboration also translates to safety measures that are integral to every job site. Our site superintendents are in charge of specific and strict safety standards that each and every one of our tradesmen is committed to and familiar with. Knowing the high bar we set on a job site, our team is hyper aware of ensuring the safety of every skilled laborer.