Quality & Safety


Quality of work is the backbone of success as a construction firm. In order to maintain our intentionally high standards, we implemented a quality control program to ensure our workmanship, both on and off the job site, are maintained as the company grows. The program requires that staff follow standard operating procedures under the supervision of a senior staff member. Within the operating procedures, we address the following.

As part of Precision Construction Service’s Quality Control Program, Site Superintendents are certified through the US Army Corp. of Engineers Quality Control System (QCS) and Resident Management System (RMS). Depending on the size of the job, a dedicated Quality Control Officer may be assigned to the project.

Project Management Quality Control

CORRESPONDENCE MANAGEMENT – All incoming and outgoing project contract communications are documented and logged. This provides a complete historical log of communication during the life of any construction contract.

CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULES – We provide a construction schedule for every project, which outlines the required logic and duration of all construction activities. Once construction activities begin, weekly schedule updates are provided to the owner, providing validation of schedule compliance with a weekly look-ahead, visually communicating the scheduling of near future activities. Software, such as Primavera, is used to digitize all schedules, allowing for fast changes and comparisons when needed. In the event that a construction delay happens, current schedules can be compared against past schedules for a quick delay analysis.

PAYMENT AND COST CONTROLS – We outline a comprehensive schedule of values before beginning any project. The schedule of values provides a breakdown of the contract dollars into various categories. We require all subcontractors to provide a similar schedule of values for their individual scope of work. This format allows us to ensure that payment requests made by subcontractors accurately reflect the work performed and provide transparency and accountability for its own progress and draw requests.

SUBMITTAL REGISTER – Before any project begins, we carefully review plans and specifications to create a log of required material submittals. Requests are made to all subcontractors and material suppliers to provide product data and material data sheets for their intended products to be used onsite. We carefully review all product information, validate that the product meets the intended design requirement, and then pass the approved submittals to the appropriate design team member for final approval. All transmittals are controlled and logged and no material purchases are made until final approvals are received. Once materials arrive onsite, it is compared against the approved submittal, ensuring that all materials installed are per the contract and construction document requirements.

QUALITY CONTROL DATA – Throughout project lifecycles, we maintain various quality control data to uphold quality compliance. Our personnel maintain detailed Daily Reports, Register of Daily Subcontractor Attendance and Work Performed, Testing Schedules, Register of Equipment Onsite, Deficiency Tracking, and Request For Information (RFIs).

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION – We utilize a system built by the US Army Corp. of Engineers under the Quality Control System and Resident Management System to handle all contract modifications. This uniform guideline provides consistency and clarity across all administered contracts.

Construction Site Quality Control

DAILY QUALITY CONTROL REPORTING – As part of Precision Construction Service’s Quality Control Program, Site Superintendents are certified through the US Army Corp. of Engineers Quality Control System (QCS) and Resident Management System (RMS). Depending on the size of the job, a dedicated Quality Control Officer may be assigned to the project.

SCHEDULING – In conjunction with the project management quality control requirement, the Site Superintendent is responsible for maintaining the construction schedule to ensure all team members understand order and timing of construction activities.

QUALITY CONTROL REQUIREMENT AS REQUIRED BY CONTRACT – Any items specific to the contract and owner shall be built into the quality control program for the job. This scope may include commissioning, training, and more.

PUNCH LIST ITEMS – Items identified as deficient are added to a list of “call-back” items. This final punch list is used to finalize any job and hold all trades accountable to corrective work before final payment is released.

SUBCONTRACTOR LOGS – Every subcontractor log shall address items requiring the action by the subcontractor, what work remains outstanding, what submittals have and have not been approved for the subcontractor’s scope of work, current status of insurance, bond, payrolls, and more.

THREE PHASE INSPECTION – Three phase inspection is a program initiated by the US Army Corp. of Engineers. Within the inspection program, similar completed projects are analyzed to identify and layout preparatory, initial and follow-up inspections. We utilize this system as a “lessons learned” program to better understand the most efficient inspection techniques, safety practices, and more.


Precision Construction Services strongly commits to providing a safe environment for everyone on the job site. This commitment protects our people and clients from the dangers, risks and liability inherent with construction. Our promise is delivered through extensively training our personnel as documented through the Precision Injury & Illness Prevention Plan and supplemental job-specific Activity Hazard Analysis. 

Job Site Supervisors, Superintendents and Foremen all hold OSHA-30 and EM 385 1-1 certificates, in addition to completing our safety training program. A dedicated Safety Officer may be assigned to the project, depending on the job size, or this role may be fulfilled by a Job Superintendent.

Safety Training Topics Include: