• Aerospace / Transportation
  • Civic / Public Works
  • Commercial / Hospitality / Entertainment
  • Cultural / Historic
  • Education
  • Federal
  • Multi-Family / Mixed-Use
  • Parks & Recreation

Aerospace / Transportation

Precision Construction Services first client was within the Aerospace and Transportation sector. We take pride in the projects we have completed and continue to work on to this day. To learn more about our project experience in this industry, check out our portfolio for this specific industry. 

Rocket Landing Facility

Civic / Public works

Precision Construction Services has worked on many large scale civic and public works projects all over the country. To learn more about our projects experience, read more!

Philadelphia Inquirer Building

Commercial / Hospitality / Entertainment

Precision Construction Services has extensive experience in this industry. A project example is the local Climbing Gym we did in San Luis Obispo, California. As the General Contractor on this project, we recently completed this project in 2018 on time! To find out more about this project, read more about it in our commercial, hospitality, and entertainment sector section. 

Inside of Gym

Cultural / Historic

Precision Construction Services takes pride in rehabilitation and restoration of cultural and historical buildings. You can find more example projects in our case studies of specific cultural and historic buildings we have worked on over the years. 

First Church of Christ, Berkeley, CA


Precision Construction Services have grown over the years in pre-construction services for K-12 Education and Higher Education buildings. Learn more about the work that has been conducted all over the country by the Precision Construction Services Estimators. 

UNC Joyner Hall Renovations


Precision Construction Services takes pride in the work that has been completed on our federal side. Our lead craftsmen, led by our Senior Superintendent and Director of Field Personnel, have completed some well-known projects for the National Park Services. 

The Majestic Hotel In Yosemite

Mutli-Family / Mixed-Use

Precision Construction Services has done various projects when it comes to Residential Homes, Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Buildings. If you are interested in any services in regards to this sector, feel free to read more about our projects or contact us for a future project. 

Hampton Cove Community Cost Estimates

Parks & Recreation

Precision Construction Services is currently constructing a project in Pismo Beach, California. To learn more about our work in this industry, this is a great project to read on to learn about our services we can provide for your next job. 

Pismo Preserve Land Conservancy Construction Project
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