Project Planning

Intensive planning sessions covering all aspects of the construction project are integral to ensuring its successful completion. Project planning brings together the owners, architects, and design teams to align scope, budget, and end products. The role of Precision Construction Services in the project planning capacity is to be a voice and troubleshooter for everyone involved as we take on the task of stabilizing and streamlining processes to efficiently manage the budget, design, desires, and more of our clients.

Our team’s extensive experience in the field gives us the tools we need to accept any challenges as we embark on a collaborative journey. We strive to provide our clients with superior end products that keep the bottom line at the forefront without sacrificing skills, quality materials, and high-end workmanship.

Project planning is customized for each client and dependent upon their specific needs as we all work in conjunction toward a common goal while keeping project components, construction delivery method, and design in mind.

SCope development

We work closely with our clients to understand the project requirements, their ‘wants’, and how the project should look to make their vision a reality. We hire the Architecture and Engineering talent and communicate with them to ensure their awareness of each aspect of the project as we collectively sketch out the conceptual project layout. The size and scope may grow or decrease over time pending the addition of more budget, schedule or other client-driven updates.

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Budget development

We simultaneously develop the budget as we determine the project scope. Our budgets are modeled with historical pricing data to establish a Rough-order of Magnitude (ROM) price for the project. This ensures that the scope is permissible within the client’s budget. If there is a budget surplus, additional client ‘wants’ can be added to the project scope and modeled into the cost.

The budget development continues throughout the design process to ensure that the target budget is not derailed due to unanticipated design updates. This process is also referred to as Target Value Engineering. Due to our transparent process, there will be no cost surprises by the time the final construction documents are ready.

Constructability reviews

Once construction begins, there are rarely any reasons why the project cannot be built as designed. As part of our due diligence on the project development, ongoing constructability reviews should be performed alongside the budget and schedule development. The constructability reviews ensure that the design does not have any errors and omissions, like an inadequate power supply distributed to the building’s mechanical units. The constructability reviews should also address any design options that may unnecessarily increase the cost of construction without adding any aesthetic or performance benefit.

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schedule development

Similar to the ongoing development of the project budget, the time it takes to complete construction should also be monitored throughout the design process. As time and cost are integrally intertwined, even at the earliest feasibility studies, an assessment of time should be addressed. As the project design progresses, the schedule will ultimately be developed into a full Critical-Path-Method (CPM) schedule that will serve as the baseline schedule for the construction project.

Construction Risk Assessments

Throughout the project planning, we will help the owner determine what kinds of volatility due to unknown factors exist within the project plan. This risk will be continually mitigated throughout the project by ongoing:

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