Precision Welcomes New Field Engineer, Randy Englekirk

Precision Welcomes New Field Engineer, Randy Englekirk

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Precision Construction Services is pleased to announce our newest addition to the team, Randy Englekirk! Randy will be representing Precision as a Field Engineer in Yosemite National Park, managing day-to-day project labor productivity in the field and ensuring alignment on projects with multiple stakeholders.

“COVID threw my life for a bit of a loop, and as fate would have it as I began looking for work my friend notified me of a job opportunity back in San Luis Obispo – with Precision.  I was excited to finally have the chance to get back to my roots in the SLO area, and when I was offered a field position in Yosemite it was hard to say no.”

Randy’s background complements the field engineering work he is now doing for Precision. Upon graduating from Cal Poly’s Construction Management program in 2011, Randy started a business specializing in constructing commercial climbing facilities based out of the San Diego area. This experience gave him exposure to a breadth of areas that will now benefit Precision’s Team. 

When we asked Randy what he was most excited about, this is what he had to say: “Considering the bulk of the work I’ll be participating in is done in Yosemite Valley, I’d have to say everything!  Everything built in the park is held to the highest standards, and even the simple features like log railings and signage are made to compliment the natural environment.  Thousands of people visit the valley every year to experience its beauty, and I feel honored to get to add to [Precision’s] experience.”

Randy is also an outdoor enthusiast where he enjoys surfing, rock climbing, and exploring the backcountry. All this to say, we see Randy’s passion for the outdoors fitting well with his new role as a field engineer in Yosemite.