Precision Construction Services Welcomes New Project Manager

Precision Construction Services Welcomes New Project Manager

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Precision Construction Services is pleased to announce Donnie Miller as our new project manager. Donnie’s responsibilities reflect his experience in project management, and he will bring his exemplary supervisory and preparation skills to enhance the client experience. 

“Precision offered me an opportunity to work for a progressive and growing company based in San Luis Obispo (in the community where I grew up), as well as opportunity for growth,” Donnie said. “From the first meeting with the ownership and management team, I felt an openness and focus on team and family that just felt right.”

Donnie’s prior experience prepared him to seek innovative ways to meet and exceed Precision’s company goals. Yet, earning a new job during the Covid-19 pandemic has proposed a specific set of challenges for Donnie and the team as they navigate this unusual situation. “Fortunately, technology allows for a lot of communication to happen remotely, and information sharing is at the rate of your internet connection,” Donnie said. “As most parents are right now, I am maneuvering the balance of having kids in the next room needing help with online school! It has been a nice change for me — to get to see and help my kids with a lot of things that I haven’t been home to be a part of before.” 

“We are thrilled to have Donnie on the team; he’s joining us at the perfect time as we’re busier than ever and kicking off exciting new client relationships,” said Ryan Swenson, Division Manager. “Donnie’s ability to hit the ground running and take the lead on important projects has been a blessing, and he’s done an amazing job — especially given the current circumstances related to Covid-19.”

Outside of work, Donnie spends his time with his wife and four children. In a usual day, the family is found participating in sports and dance, or competing at a rodeo. The family works together to check on their avocado trees, brand their cattle, or get 4-H animals ready for the fair. Nowadays, they are focused on walking their dogs, riding bikes, and watching many more movies than normal while still doing their best to spend quality time outdoors.