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Precision Construction Services was founded as a pre-construction planning firm assisting Owners, Engineers and Architects take projects from concept to construction without budget or schedule overruns. This unique service was created by the founding partners’ multidisciplinary strengths in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management and Finance. The firm grew as a boutique service provider to a small group of large, National and International Clients who put their trust in the Precision Process for reliably delivering projects that would consistently meet budget and performance objectives.

As the company grew it began to extend its service offerings beyond the pre-construction phase to management of the entire building process. Precision built upon its strengths to offer Bid Management, Project Controls and Construction Management Services. In 2016, at the request of long-term clients, Precision obtained Class-A & Class-B General Contractors’ Licenses in multiple states and acquired a nationally recognized, self-performing builder from Napa, CA to assist with site supervision and self-performing of skilled building trades.

Through this unique, forward-thinking group of professionals, Precision has been able to successfully deliver some incredibly challenging and beautiful construction projects that will leave a legacy for generations to come. It is the people in Precision’s organization that drive quality, excellence and the constant desire to improve. Some examples of the Precision work can be seen below and throughout this website.


The Land Conservancy hired Precision to serve as the Construction Manager to oversee the construction of a new 880-acre nature preserve. The project consisted of visitor center facilities, parking areas, restrooms, large retaining wall systems, site utilities, bridges, paved ADA trails and archaeological displays.  The project required extra care and planning due to the site’s cultural importance to Native American groups and the environmental sensitivity of the public space.

As part of its focus on sustainable building practices, Precision is a member of the US Green Building Council and is certified as a LEED AP.


Hired to assist the design team and build the world’s first hyperloop and second largest vacuum chamber (second only to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland), Precision was able to provide a cost-effective solution to one of the most innovative projects of the 21st century.

Precision is a leading proponent of upgrading the tools of construction for the modern era. The firm sponsors and mentors multiple student teams working on innovative infrastructure solutions throughout the US.


The extraordinary talent of Precision’s skilled tradesmen, led by Director Gary Linowski, led to our team being requested by name to rehabilitate Yosemite’s legendary Ahwahnee Hotel (now known as The Majestic Yosemite Hotel). The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail required for such an endeavor cannot be overstated as the hotel is a national historic landmark originally constructed in 1927. As a result of careful planning, coordination, construction of mockups, and painstaking execution, the project exceeded National Park Service expectations and continues to attract travelers from around the world.

As a proud supporter of conservation efforts geared toward both the natural environment and historic public places, Precision draws inspiration from the amazing accomplishments of both nature and humanity and works diligently for their restoration and preservation.


Precision was hired to help design, build and operate the manufacturing facility for the precast segmental tunnel liners used in the US’ first steel fiber-reinforced passenger tunnel. The project is considered a great accomplishment for the domestic tunneling industry as it set the precedent for more economically viable and wide-spread tunnel development throughout the country. Not previously experienced in tunnel ring construction, Precision worked tirelessly to develop a world-class team to support the project. The final outcome resulted with an innovative new method for constructing tunnels at a cost far below industry norms.

Professional development is a core attribute of the Precision culture. Staff members are sponsored to continue honing their skills and building their knowledge base through continuing education in the fields of engineering, design, construction and project management, sustainability, material science and more.


The talented team of tradesmen at Precision were responsible for the seismic retrofit and replacement of the roof at the iconic First Church of Christ, Scientist in Berkeley, CA. The craftsmanship on the project set the bar in for historic renovation work in California. The project crew was recognized with a California Preservation Foundation Award and an honorary membership in the Friends of the First Church organization.

Precision understands the importance of preserving great works of the past as important markers of culture, tradition and history. It is our privilege and honor to be able to support great restoration efforts with a team of world-class tradesmen.


Precision has a long track record of working with pioneering individuals and organizations, including those vying to explore the stars. As a tireless builder providing fast-tracked planning, cost analysis and design-build services, Precision has been responsible for numerous aerospace projects across the country. Our team understands the complexities of innovative construction projects and is equipped to serve their wide-ranging needs – from massive heavy civil and structural projects to fuel and fluid storage, mechanical systems, and more.

As a company that sees itself as a pioneer within the construction industry, Precision is constantly pushing to improve upon current standards. We find inspiration in our clients who push the limits of what is considered possible.


Precision is a great organization because of the people who work behind the label.

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