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Hawthorne Transit Tunnels

Hawthorne, CA

The client hired Precision to help design and construct the innovative tunnel construction facility and to provide ongoing construction management of the cast concrete tunnel liner segments. The project was truly ground up, with Precision contracting dozens of tunnel professionals and vendors from around the world to piece together the design for a cost-effective, mobile manufacturing facility to dramatically reduce the cost of segment production. Once construction of the casting yard was complete, Precision contracted numerous concrete engineers to finalize the concrete design (USA’s first passenger tunnel to use steel fiber–reinforced concrete) and assembled an in-house staff of experienced ring segment casting professionals to begin production.

Precision continues to serve as the general contractor responsible for design, construction and management of the precast concrete tunnel liner segment production facility. Precision completed construction of the facility and is now primarily responsible for managing ring segment production itself. Our construction scope included: demolition, surveying, site utilities, lighting, excavation, foundations, climate control structure, temperature/CO2 controller, overhead gantry crane, casting moulds and on-site concrete batch plant with accompanying rail system for transporting ring segments into the tunnel.