General Contracting

Precision Construction Services meticulously manages the building process to ensure reliable and successful project deliveries. Our team of experienced building professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to our client engagements and allows for informed decisions at all times.

We believe in bringing the same level of quality and effort to every single project engagement, no matter how large or small it is. Our general contracting services assisted numerous private and public agencies deliver difficult projects on time and on budget. With a tradition of innovation and unbeatable project delivery, we are known as a leader in various project sectors, including large-scale commercial and institutional projects, education, military, and historic renovations.

Throughout the construction phase of the project, we provide all administrative and management services as necessary to supervise, oversee, and coordinate the project. Our management staff focuses on maximizing the subcontractor and self-performed work performance per the contract documents and client’s goals. Continuous “look-ahead” assessments are conducted to minimize unforeseen risks, eliminate project delays and maintain project budgets. On every project, our team establishes procedures that ensure clear communication and coordination between all project stakeholders.



Prepare, Solicit, Manage, & Level Bids of Subcontractors

Prepare, Solicit, Manage, and Level Bids of Subcontractors to ensure that every subcontractor understands the scope of work, that enough qualified subcontractors will bid the project to represent best value, and that bids are appropriately compared.


Prepare & Administer Subcontracts

Prepare and Administer Subcontracts and purchase orders.


Hold Preconstruction Conference

Hold Preconstruction Conference with all project subcontractors, self-performing crews, and supervisory staff before beginning work. During the preconstruction conference, all parties will fully verify and buy-in on the project schedule, logistics plan, site organization, site safety, and other site-specific issues.



Supervision for the site coordination, safety, and quality of work.


Construction Records

Construction Records will be maintained throughout the project. The construction records will entail daily reports of work performed, individuals and equipment onsite and any defective material or work that needs to be addressed. The complete logs of dailies, safety reports, logs, and files will be digitized and maintained at the project field office, and updated with any revisions, correspondence, contract amendments, reports, and more.


Construction Scheduling

Construction Scheduling is performed before the project begins and is maintained and updated throughout the construction process. The construction schedule is used for planning and communication for numerous parties during the construction phase.


Long-Lead Item Procurement

Long-Lead Item Procurement goes hand-in-hand with project scheduling. In order to avoid delaying the project schedule, the preconstruction team will have already identified items that will take a significant amount of time to procure. The procurement of these items may even get contracted before the construction work to ensure that they arrive at the designated time.


Weekly Coordination Meetings

Weekly Coordination Meetings will be held between Precision and the relevant subcontractors to coordinate upcoming work, resolve any issues that have arisen from work already installed, verify safety practices and confirm schedule buy-in.


Progress Meetings

Progress Meetings will be held between Precision, the owner, the design consultants and when appropriate, relevant subcontractors. The purpose of these meetings is to review progress, scheduling, and any group-specific talking points.


Project Safety

Project Safety will be managed and is under the responsibility of Precision Construction Services. Our internal safety program ensures that the project upholds all requirements by both CAL & FED-OSHA.



Punchlist items, or items needing correction before being delivered to the owner, will be managed by us. We provide all subcontractors weekly punchlist updates as their work gets reviewed by our site superintendent and quality control officer. Our internal software allows for all punchlist items to be digitized and recorded in real-time with corresponding photos tagged to the appropriate, responsible party. Our internal quality control process ensures that even the smallest details are completed to the highest-caliber.


Precision Construction Services is a firm based on a proven track record of high-quality work. Our skills have been honed from decades of experience onsite and behind the scenes. We strive to be a solid and reliable partner to all of our clients as we impart our innovative, creative, and skillful ideas and best practices. We are not satisfied with the status quo; we consistently seek ways to break through to ensure a superior experience for our clients.