Yosemite National Park, CA

Precision Director of Field Personnel and team member Gary Linowski was subcontracted for the addition and rehabilitation of the historic Majestic Yosemite Hotel. The ADA Barrier removal, Bar Remodel, and Bar Kitchen expansion were subject to a high level of scrutiny as guided by the Secretary of Interior Standards. The level of workmanship and attention to architectural detail provided was absolutely critical to attaining historic integrity. Through careful planning, coordination, construction of mockups, and execution, the level of quality and craftsmanship exceeded expectations. Examples of unparalleled craftsmanship are apparent in the rough-sawn finish of the Architectural concrete walls, the custom wood door and windows in the bar, and the handmade motif panels in the new bar construction. Additional Precision team members involved with this project include the Superintendent, Mr. Jerry Troyna, and the Project Manager Mr. Ulysses McKeown.

Construction Activities Self-performed include:

  • Architectural concrete
  • Structural concrete
  • Rough carpentry
  • Architectural wood work/finish carpentry
  • Wood doors and windows
Categories: Federal